Choose A Future

A series of FREE personal development workshops to help YOU choose YOUR future!

We’ll look at:

the way we ‘construct’ our world view – and how you can change it…the power YOU have to change YOUR life…planning your time better…becoming a RIVER PERSON (nothing to do with boats!)…creative thinking…finding out how great you are – and letting other people know…using your dreams to find a way forward…becoming motivated

…and other things on the journey.

Workshops run on Wednesdays from 10.00am to 12.30pm.

at New Park Centre, Chichester

on these dates:

  • 14 January
  • 21 January
  • 28 January
  • 4   February
  • 11 February
  • 18 February
  • 25 February
  • 4 March


  • Session 1 - Be a Dreamer             What’s YOUR dream...
  • Session 2 - Be Motivated 1           Light YOUR Personal Fire
  • Session 3 - Be Relaxed                 Mindfulness and meditation
  • Session 4 - Be Motivated 2           Find YOUR Focus
  • Session 5 - Be Creative                 Creative thinking workshop
  • Session 6 - Be a Storyteller          Telling the tale of YOUR life
  • Session 7 - Be Yourself                 Creating the brand of YOU
  • Session 8 - Be Your Future          Where are YOU going next?

Why is YOU always in block caps? Because this course is about YOU – in capital letters!

FREE to attend – funded by Chichester District Council Wellbeing.

Choose YOUR Future and change YOUR life: to book a place email and please spread the word.