Asphaleia are enrolling young people now!

Are you aged 16 to 19 and out of work, training or education?

Feeling a little unsure about the future?

Just want someone to talk to?

Asphaleia is based in Worthing town centre and offers training programmes, information, advice, guidance and help with finding a job or going to college. 

Through our work in West Sussex, London and Kent we have helped over 4000 young people since the year 2000 including young carers, young parents, unemployed young people, young people who struggle with school, young people who do not speak English and many more.

Pop in and see if we can help you!

Advice and Information

Advice and information

teenagers playing piggy backThe 'On Track' programme offers young people the chance to access free learning, in a central location. This might include creative media, English for speakers of other languages, job skills, literacy and numeracy. The end result will be qualifications at Level 2 and support with finding work or further learning.

Download the flyer from the 'Related links' box to the right of this page.

The number young people need to ring is 01903 823546. This programme is accessible every day and application forms are on our website to download.

Even if you just need help finding a job, we can do that too!

Opening times

Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Disabled access


Recent reviews

Anonymous - Before this programme I could not read and my friends would say, 'Of course you can read,' and now I actually can.

Anonymous - Today I learnt how to find difficult percentages and other things in maths I would never have attempted before coming here. I feel with practice I can go on to study and do well in my maths GCSE without fearing it. This means I can help my daughter in the future with homework and know what I'm talking about. It's only a tiny step out of a long walk but it feels fab.

Anonymous - Whoever thought of this course was well clever because the last couple of years I thought, this is it. I never thought I'd be going to college or getting qualifications or anything. This has helped me loads. I'm well happy.

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