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Miss Mae

I think it is terrible that we have to pay £50 for a card which only gets us half price or 1/4 discount of bus fares. Its wrong, we use the bus services to get to our place of education, we should be expected to pay £50 to get a discount card which wont have much affect on the bus fare prices for the first year of owning it!


I agree with all the comments regarding the 3 in 1 card, in the current age of increasing cost of living, is the card even affordable at £50.

I feel it is excellent that West Sussex County Council has a procedure in-place for discounted student travel, but why is it not competative with the rest of the UK.

Simply by surfing the net, I have found similar cards in West Yorkshire that cost only £2.00.

Bearing in mind, those who choose to live in West Sussex also are having to pay more than the UK average in Council Tax rate.

As a sole earner for a family of 5 and someone who is not eligible for any benefits, in my opinion West Sussex County Council need to look at their pricing strategy.

Times are hard, why make them harder.


Is anyone reading these comments? WSCC should be providing these cards for free or for a nominal sum of say £10 to cover admin costs. I have 3 daughters so it will cost me £150 just for 3 years for these cards - that doesn't even cover the full number of years they need to catch the bus to secondary school. If they cost £50, they should be valid for 5 years at least.

Response from Your Space

Thank you for your feedback, all comments are passed onto the 3in1 card team to colate for the future. They will respond to you in due course. 

Shame - Wayne Cure

Interestingly free school transport was removed a few years back and the main members of the council who argued for such to be removed used the, at the time, free 3-1 as their main argument!

Now a completely ridiculous price tag is with the card, unbelievable. I wonder about the potential market for fake id's?????

Response from 3in1 card team below to Wayne.

Thank you for your feedback.

West Sussex County Council currently provides nearly 10,000 eligible school age children with free school transport or help with travelling costs.

With the financial pressures the County Council is facing, we have had to make some difficult decisions about how we spend the limited resources we have. Even with a fee, the 3in1 card can still offer considerable savings on bus travel, especially if the card is used to travel to school every day. The card can also be used on buses at all times of the day, and on weekends and holidays, so it represents better value for money the more often it is used.

Please note that children and young people from low income families do not have to pay the application fee.

In addition to the other benefits, 3in1 cards also feature the official CitizenCard proof of age (it currently costs £15 to purchase CitizenCards separately). The PASS hologram signifies that the card is genuine - government and police advise that only PASS cards and photo-driving licences should be used as proof of age.

The fee is disgusting - Anonymous

I am disgusted that we now have to pay £50 for the 3 in 1 card in order that our school age daughter can continue to pay a child fare and that it takes 4 - 6 weeks to arrive. My daughter has had a card and uses it to get home from school. No reminder was sent to me and as she has turned 16 we now face 4 - 6 weeks waiting for a replacement. Were we living in Brighton or London the child fares and passes would be much more heavily subsidised. Yet again we pay the penalty for living in an outlying rural area....there is no other way for a child to get out of Woodmancote independently. Meanwhile the vast majority of bus users are on free passes as they are senior citizens and the buses are never more than a quarter full.

£50 for a 3in1 card - Georgie J

I feel that the new £50 fee is way to extravagant my mum will not be able to pay for this, and it is an unnecessary amount. I feel if there is an amount to be charged then this should be a lot lower then £50. I gaurentee there will be a dramatic fall in the amount of people using these cards now which I fell is a shame as I was one of the people using them.

I strongly reccomend that you reconsider the price of the card, and hope you and everyone reading this will agree and help to reduce this cost of the cards!

Georgie Jarmyn

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Make it something reasonably affordable - Leticia Smith

I do not agree with the new fee of the 3-1 card. I had one and I unfortunately lost it but luckily it was near the end date, I was expecting to get a new one as I am nearly 17. Passports alone are £95, and they are crucial and I think this price for a student card is shocking as not every family can afford this. You want us to use more public transport when you charge this price for a 'discount' card. Train fee's have risen as well so this tops up to the economical fees everyone has to face. My mum works full time and I do not expect her to pay this for my student card. I would pay it myself but also, getting a job these days is not easy. If you really feel the need to price the card, at least make it £30 cheaper, to £20, something is reasonably affordable.

Leticia Smith

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Very disappointed

I do feel that the fee of £50 is disappointing. When I was at school, we got our 3 in 1 card for free and now to renew it you need to pay £50. I feel it's disgusting especially when some of us don't have jobs because we can't find one. I won't be re-applying for one as it'll be of no use to me anyway. Very disappointed!

Bob Smith

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3 in 1 card - An Inefficient Rip Off

How can it be that with no free school transport I have to pay £100 for 3-in-1 cards on top of bus fares for my 2 daughters to get to school...what is more the cards take so long to process that you end up paying full fare qwhilst you wait unless you apply and pay for them 2 months in advance of the current ones expiring!! When my 2 cards FINALLY arrived they had duplicated one of my daughter's cards so the other daughter was left without, more full fares!! Highly inefficient, long winded process, is this what we pay out WSCC civil servants to do??

How come it takes a tenth of the time to process a (more intricate) passport for the same sort of money? Outraged.


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I think that there should be more things to get discounts on (ie. bowling allies, cinema, etc.), I looked through the list of what I at my age could get discounts on, and came across only one thing I would acctually attend if I even like it when I have seen it...

My point is Worthing has become a very child and teen unfriendly area where even where there is entertainment it is very costly, which is a main reason why some youth has turned to the streets.

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