Youth Cabinet

What is the West Sussex Youth Cabinet?

The West Sussex Youth Cabinet is a group of 48 young people that are democratically elected by young people in each constituency to represent young people’s views at a county level. There are 2 Youth Cabinet members for every constituency.

The project is currently in its 15th year and aims to work closely alongside the Young People’s Service and other youth voice groups.

What does the Youth Cabinet do?

Our job is to represent young people's interests, views and concerns at meetings and events with adults and other young people, locally, nationally and even internationally. As well as this, we work on projects which aim to improve situations and solve problems that affect young people.

Examples of some of the work that the Youth Cabinet has done include the 3-in-1 scheme, multiple awareness films, annual school councils’ conference, promotion of the eco-schools scheme, and many more…

Who can be on the Youth Cabinet?

Anyone between the ages of 11 and 19 can apply to be on the Youth Cabinet during election periods. The Youth Cabinet is for all young people with all different kinds of needs, passions, and wants and aims to always be representative of all young people.

Interested? The deadline for applications is fast approaching, check out the elections page for more information on how to run as a candidate.

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